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    Reliable Global Partner with Local Support

    Sunway Core Supplier Conference Successfully Held


    Shenzhen, China — (Apr.21th, 2023) — Sunway held Core Supplier Conference with the theme "Working together for a win-win future". More than 200 guests attended the grand event to celebrate together.


    The purpose of the supplier conference is to gather partners who have been closely cooperating with Sunway for a long time, gather industry strength, explore future development, promote the integration and sharing of upstream and downstream resources, explore new ideas, and create new opportunities.


    Peter Peng, Chairman of Sunway Communication, first gave a speech on behalf of the group and expressed sincere gratitude for the arrival of all supplier partners. He mentioned that the less optimistic the market environment is, the more we need to prioritize innovation as our core competitiveness, actively explore new products, technologies and processes, strive to become a world-class enterprise. We hope to work closely with all of our supplier partners to face challenges and opportunities, and achieve a win-win future.


    Wilson Wu, Senior Vice President of Sunway shared the company development status and cutting-edge market information, he provided a detailed explanation of future market trends and Sunway product line planning. Suppliers have gained a deeper understanding of the business layout, main product lines, and core competitiveness of Sunway, which helps everyone reach a consensus and develop together.


    Jim Zhou, General Manager of Sunway Procurement, shared Sunway's future procurement layout and the concept of Sunshine Procurement, reached a collaborative consensus with core suppliers for win-win cooperation.


    In the award ceremony, 47 suppliers won awards such as the "Excellent Supplier Award", "Best Quality Award", and "Strategic Supplier Award". Representatives of core suppliers expressed their expectation of establishing closer connections with Sunway and exploring more possibilities in future cooperation.


    With the rapid development of market, enterprises need to continuously improve supply chain management in a constantly changing environment to adapt to the market demands. In the future, Sunway will continue to focus on research in basic materials and technologies, development of innovative products and reliable solutions, to create value for our customers.

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