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    End-to-End Customized Solutions

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    Manufacturing Processes

    3D MID

    3D-MID is a family of technologies for creating conductive traces and patterns for electronics and RF on surfaces of plastic parts. With these technologies, not only can electronic components be mounted on a flat surface, but also surfaces with a 3-dimensional structure. Our most frequently used 3D-MID processes are LDS and LAP. Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) uses laser to create and activate circuit traces on the surfaces of plastic part using special LDS plastic resins. Then metallization is done on the activated area by chemical plating. Laser Activating Plating(LAP)on the other hand uses laser to create circuit traces on the surface of plastic part using common plastic resins, after which the laser engraved pattern area is activated through chemical reagent. The metallization process is the same as for LDS. We also have other processes meeting specific requirements. Sunway was one of the pioneers for 3D-MID and has developed full process capability for LDS and LAP. With a large amount of LPKF laser equipment and significant plating line production capacity, we can provide customers with a one-stop solution service from design, injection molding, laser engraving, plating, assembly, testing and packaging.


    Injection molding is a process suitable for mass production of plastic components with complex shapes. It has the advantages of fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, variety of colors, shapes from simple to complex, and component sizes from large to small. The process is very precise enabling the product to be easily updated and formed into complex shaped parts. Sunway has an experienced mold design and production team. The mold design is standardized to create precision design and fine processing, and gives Sunway the ability to deliver fast and high-quality molds to fully meet customer needs. At the same time, we have also developed a first-class injection molding production team, supporting advanced electric high-speed injection molding machines and peripheral equipment. Through the integration of mold making, metal stamping, injection molding development and automated production, we provide precision injection parts with low cost and stable quality for customers inside and outside the factory. For metal/plastic combinations, we provide insert molding parts and other special features include acoustic module parts, ultra-thin transparent parts and other precision injection products.

    Precision metal

    Sunway has very high precision metal capacity and a vast pool of high-speed and high precision punchers of various types and brands, suitable for cutting, bending, stretching, cold forging and other processes of various types of metal products, while at the same time integrating online cleaning, online testing, online packaging etc. Through integration of several process we can achieve high-precision, high-quality, high-efficiency precision metal stamping parts in high volumes. Examples in terms of small and medium-sized precision components include spring contacts, connector pins, RF coaxial cables, EMC/EMI shielding cans, camera brackets etc. Our precision metal products are found in high-end products of many well-known smartphone, tablets, and other terminal equipment brands.

    Surface Treatment

    Sunway early invested in vertically integrated electro and chemical plating capabilities. In 2015, a dedicated continuous plating department was established and the plating capabilities expanded significantly in 2016 and in 2017, also including obtaining ISO9001 & ISO14001 as well as IATF16949 certification. For stamped metal products main processes used are electroplating, spot plating, brush plating, immersion plating, wire plating, barrel plating, rack plating and more. For LDS material plastic parts and non-LDS material plastic parts, highly automated chemical plating and electroplating processes are deployed. Regardless of process, all plated products undergo strict quality control ensuring the critical plating processes meet our strict quality standards.


    Metal Injection Molding (MIM) combines the advantages of powder metallurgy and injection molding technology. The manufacturing technology enables production of precision net shape and other complex structure metal parts with excellent mechanical properties and fine surface finishing.

    Sunway has 50 injection machines up to 150T, three continuous furnaces, 25 batch sintering furnaces and 20 degreasing furnaces. In addition Sunway has several post processes capability such as CNC, polishing and PVD. Our experienced R&D team provides support to customers and works actively in material and manufacturing technology development. Sunway provides cost competitive, high precision complex shape customized products, of multiple materials for consumer electronics, automotive and medical industries. 

    Magnetic Materials Manufacturing

    Sunway has its own independent processing capability for magnetic materials such as nanocrystalline, amorphous and ferrite. We have key production equipment including vibrating machines, slitting machines, sanding machines, pusher kilns, drying boxes, laminating machines, ball mills and casting machines.

    Sunway has developed independent intellectual property rights regarding nanocrystalline wireless charging materials and module production technologies. Also, we have developed key equipment such as vacuum rapid annealing furnaces, self-feedback constant pressure crushers, automatic nanocrystalline assembly machines and AOI/LCR test lines. With regulated microstructures and fragmentation patterns, the nanocrystalline magnetic materials have the characteristics of low losses, ultra-high magnetic permeability and super-thin structure giving our nanocrystalline customized products an industry-leading performance for high-power, high-efficiency, thin and multi-functional wireless charging modules. Our modules and products are often found in consumer electronics, automotive, and IoT/Smart Home devices.


    SMT is a circuit connection technology that mounts and solders components (resistors, capacitors, ICs, etc.) on the surface of PCBs . It is the most popular process and technology for component mounting and chip packaging. Sunway’s core team members all have extensive experience in the electronics industry for PCB wiring, PCB sample preparation, BOM material procurement, product trial production, mass production and after-sales service management, we provide customers with one-stop electronic foundry services.