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    Sunway awarded by CECA


    Xi'an, China -(Sep.7th, 2020)- At the 33rd annual award ceremony of “Top 100 Electronic Component Companies in China", organized by the China Electronic Component Industry Association, Sunway Communication again ranked among the top.


    5G mm-wave Test Lab at Sunway

    As part of the summit, the top 100 electronic companies were announced. All contenders were evaluated from the aspects of business size, level of R&D, growth rate and financial credit ratings. Making the lists requires extensive data collection, verification, collation, and analysis. Recent years have witnessed the increasingly fierce competition in China's electronic components industry. Naturally, making into the top 100 list has become a goal harder to achieve. Hence, this list has also become one of the most influential indexes to measure the strength of current industry players.

    This year, after six months of screening, 100 electronic component companies stood out and were recognized. It was reported that these 100 companies combined amount to 590 billion CNY in revenues with total profits of 40 billion CNY and employing more than 500,000 people.

    In the awards ceremony this year, Sunway Communication came in 10th place for “Top China Electronic Components Enterprises", and was furthermore recognized among "Top 100 China Electronic Components Enterprises with Greatest Profit Growth” as well as among “Top 100 China Electronic Components Enterprises with Strongest R&D”. 


    Sunway Communication Research Center

    Since establishment in 2006, Sunway Communication has a vision of being “The Global Leading RF Connectivity One-stop Solution Provider” and this award is a great affirmation. With implementations of 5G, Sunway Communication is currently benefiting from significant R&D investments in past years. In order to maintain its leading position, Sunway is continuing to invest significant amounts in R&D with RF technologies as the core, bringing out innovative products with close customer support and constantly enhancing its strengths – for customers, employees and society as a whole.


    About Sunway Communication


    Sunway Communication is a world leading provider of RF connectivity related and other performance-critical components and modules. The company involves in all stages of the product value chain: research, development, sales and manufacturing. The parent company, Shenzhen Sunway Communication Co., Ltd, was established on April 27, 2006 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 2010 (stock code: 300136). The main products of Sunway are Antennas, Wireless Charging modules and Soft Magnetic Materials, RF front-end components, EMC/EMI solutions, Cables and Connectors, Audio/RF modules and more.

    For additional information or the name of your nearest Sunway Communication representative:


    Sunway Communication

    Phone +86 - 755 – 81773388
    Fax +86 - 755 – 81773335
    Internet www.sz-sunway.com 
    E-mail marketing@sz-sunway.com 

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