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    Reliable Global Partner with Local Support

    Sunway Joins CIC


    Shenzhen, China – (April 30, 2020) – Sunway communication, the Global Leading RF Connectivity One-stop Solution Provider, has joined the China Institute of Communications (CIC) as the first component/module supplier in the communication industry. CIC is an organization with a long history in China’s communication industry, having committees on antenna and RF technology, IoT, as well as wireless and mobile com munications. It includes academics and experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as the Chinese Academy of Engineering.


    In recent years, CIC has organized more than 30 academic exchanges annually, including the China Information and Communication conference, Antenna Radio Frequency System and 5G Communications, 5G and IoV (Internet of Vehicle) Technology and Applications, and Key Cutting-edge Technologies for 6G, all of which have had an important and positive impact on the development of the communication industry.

    As a member of the CIC, Sunway will strengthen its co-operation with other well-known enterprises in the industry based on its RF expertise, jointly develop relevant strategies and standards, and actively carry out research in industrial applications, thus seeking to contribute to the development of the communication industry as a whole. 

    Sunway focuses on investment and integration of technology, and collaborates with several globally recognized enterprises in research and development in applications such as consumer electronics, automotive, IoT/smart home and communication infrastructure. Presently, Sunway is a contributing participant in many global industry associations, for example the CTIA, the Wireless Power Consortium and the Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility. Adding CIC to the increasingly lengthy list of collaborative organizations will also propel the development of new solutions and applications of Sunway. We look forward to support the activities and long-term development goals of the CIC.

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