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    Reliable Global Partner with Local Support

    Sunway Awaits You at ELEXCON 2019


    Shenzhen, China – (December 13, 2019) — From December 19th to 21st, Sunway Communication welcomes you to the Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition ELEXCON. With several key players from the electronics industry in the Greater Bay Area and beyond, ELEXCON is an important point of reference for the international electronics community. Sunway continues to be supporter of this exhibition of components, products and capabilities.


    Visitors coming to see us at Booth 1G12 will be presented with our comprehensive range of products, including RF & wireless components, precision metals, high-speed connectors and acoustic components, all embedding the expertise of Sunway to cater to our customers’ requirements. Particularly noteworthy this year is of course the transformational opportunities presented by 5G, and you will be able to see and discuss with our representatives about our solutions for your 5G needs. These solutions well fit with our vision as The Global Leading RF Connectivity One-stop Solution Provider. If you have specific topics or requests, please reach out to us and book a meeting in advance.


    Venue:                   Booth 1G12, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China

    Date:                      December 19-21, 2019

    Pre-registration:     http://zbase.cn/hy/szdz_en/index.html?ly=GW

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