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    Reliable Global Partner with Local Support

    Sunway Joins CTIA


    San Diego, CA, USA (December 4, 2019) — Sunway Communication, the global leading RF connectivity one-stop solution provider, has joined the US wireless industry association CTIA. The CTIA represents the U.S. wireless communications industry and companies in the mobile ecosystem, supporting a connected future. Members of CTIA include companies throughout the mobile ecosystem, eg. wireless carriers, device manufacturers, component suppliers, and apps and content companies. As a general member, Sunway aims to contribute to the development of the wireless industry in the US and CTIA’s efforts in several areas. “With our expertise in RF, we will work together with other esteemed industry players to develop method standards, act in advisory panels, and much more.”, says Dr Liu, VP of Sunway’s North American Research Institute.




    The CTIA membership follows the intent of Sunway Communication to contribute and play a leading role in the development of future communication technologies and standards. Sunway Communication is already a contributing participant in several industry associations. From our current US sites in San Diego, CA, and San Jose, CA, we look forward to supporting CTIA’s long-term goals and activities.

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