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    Sunway LCP Film Passed UL Certifications


    Shenzhen, China — (Sep 2nd, 2022) —The LCP film developed by Sunway Communication has passed the UL certification, which indicates that the industry competitiveness of LCP and other high-frequency RF products independently developed by Sunway has reached a new level.


    Sunway Liquid Crystal Polymer(LCP) film was developed by Polymer materials branch of Sunway Central Research Institute. From Feb.2021, Sunway successfully imported foreign advanced production equipment, and has developed a film-making process route which completely different from the competitive products. It has the ability to produce LCP films with a full range of specifications of 4μm~100μm, high precision and continuous batch. It is now at leading level in China in terms of material serialization, high-frequency transmission performance and reliability.


    UL is the founder of American product safety standards, which has been established for more than 100 years, now is the most widely accepted safety testing accreditation in the world. Passing UL represents that Sunway has the ability to produce products according to UL standards and serve overseas market. It plays an important role in promoting Sunway’s LCP product line to further explore the market and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness and international influence of products.



    LCP film has good application potential in radio frequency field, acoustic field, energy storage field and new energy vehicles due to its high melting point, good high-frequency dielectric property, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, strong rigidity, good barrier property, oil and chemical resistance, and high electrical breakdown strength. At present, flexible copper clad laminate based on LCP film has become an important part of Sunway's LCP one-stop solution and has been verified in UWB antenna, RF transmission line, mm-wave antenna and other related projects of many important customers at home and abroad; LCP acoustic diaphragm has been adopted by well-known TWS earphone customers and is in stable supply.


    In the future, Sunway will strengthen the basic materials and basic technologies research, to provide more innovative products and solutions for our customers.



    About Sunway Communication


    Sunway Communication was established in April 2006 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 2010 (stock code: 300136). The company develops and produces various electronic components and modules related to RF, such as antenna modules, wireless charging modules, EMC/EMI products, precision connectors and cables, passive components, and more. Product applications include consumer electronics (smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart wearable devices, etc.), automotive, IoT/smart home, communication infrastructure, data centers and more.


    For additional information:

    Phone               +86 - 755 8177 3388
    Internet            www.sz-sunway.com

    E-mail               marketing@sz-sunway.com

    LinkedIn           Sunway Communication


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