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    Reliable Global Partner with Local Support

    Sunway will join 2021 ELEXCON


    Sunway Communication will join ELEXCON Shenzhen International Electronics Show 2021 on Sep. 27-29th. This year, ELEXCON will focus on 5G, Internet of Things, edge AI, domestic chips, RISC-V, embedded systems, wearable technology, SiP and advanced packaging and testing. 


    Sunway will bring solutions including RF Connectivity, Wireless Charging, High-speed Interconnection, EMI/EMC, Passive Components and Mechanical Precision Parts. Moreover, we will introduce UWB Modules, Automotive Interconnection and other innovative products.

    We sincerely invite you to visit our booth, and we are looking forward to meeting with you! Please see the invitation letter for detailed information of the exhibition and the registration method.

    展商邀請函2 - 英文.png

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