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    Reliable Global Partner with Local Support

    Sunway will join Electronica China 2021


    Sunway Communication will join Electronica China 2021 on Apr. 14-16th in Shanghai. As the leading exhibition of the electronics industry, more than 1,000 prestigious electronics companies from all over the world will participate in the event. The aim is to create a professional exhibition platform spanning the upstream and downstream industries from product design to application.

    At this expo, Sunway will present the following solutions  RF Connectivity , Wireless Charging, Passive Components, High-speed Interconnection, and Mechanical Precision Parts. In addition, we will introduce UWB Modules, Automotive Interconnection and other new products.


    Please see the invitation letter for exhibition information and registration method. Welcome to visit Sunway booth. Please note that visitors need to scan the code for pre-registration. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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