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    Reliable Global Partner with Local Support

    Prominent Visit to Sunway


    As part of building better understanding for the high-tech business community in the Greater Bay Area, Mr Chen Liangxian, Deputy Governor of Guangdong Province paid a visit to Sunway. At Sunway’s Shajing factory in Shenzhen, the visiting delegation first listened to a presentation about the company history, development path, strategy, and external cooperation with universities and research institutions. A demonstration in Sunway's product display area and production workshops followed, allowing a deeper understanding of business conditions and technologies. The delegates stated that the high-tech development and manufacturing industry is an important pillar of the Guangdong economy and that it is important to allow it to enjoy a good market environment fostering a continued development of companies satisfying market needs. Sunway Communication has grown rapidly during the 13 years since inception and further growth is expected, thanks partly to the global deployment of 5G networks. The local governments will continue to foster a business climate to enable companies like Sunway to leverage its resources and maintain rapid and stable growth.


    Sunway Communication.jpg

    Product Overview Demonstration


    Sunway Communication1.jpg

    Workshop Visit

    After the visit, the delegation spoke highly of Sunway’s achievements and encouraged Sunway to stick to its development strategy, continue investment in research and innovation and continue to play a leading role in the industry in the deployment of 5G. Sunway is dedicated to making greater contributions to the high-quality development and technological innovation of the global communication industry.

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