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    Most Valued Listed Companies


    On August 12, 2018 the results of “The 12th Annual Award to the 50 Most Valued Chinese Listed Companies” were officially announced, jointly organized by Securities Times and New Fortune. Sunway Communication won two awards. The first was 10th position in market value for companies on the ChiNext Board and the second award was for having one of the top 10 management teams of companies listed on the ChiNext Board.


    12th Annual Award to the 50 Most Valuable Listed Companies on the ChiNext Board

    12th Annual Award to the Top 10 Management Teams of Listed Companies on the ChiNext Board

    Sunway Communication, a leader in radio frequency (RF) technology, has since incorporation and listing taken the challenges of frequency solutions as its technology core focus. It is dedicated to being a global leading supplier of components and assemblies in the fields of RF and audio. Focusing on the demand of global key accounts, the Company has expanded its related business and integrated vertical processes through fast response, global reach and customized services. It takes advantage of its technical experience in RF to provide its customers with one-stop service solutions integrating design, testing and manufacturing, with continuous practice of its core values: “customer satisfaction, result-orientation, accountability, pursuit of the limit, and honesty”.  

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